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East Moline Silvis Soccer Club (EMSSC) Soccer Tournament 


Quad City Spring Shoot Out 

Tournament Location:                                                                                  Mailing Address: 


Jacobs Northeast Park                                                                                Melissa Cruse, Tournament Director 

   3015 4th Avenue, East Moline, IL 61244                                                          EMSSC, PO Box 455, East Moline, IL 61244 




Rules and Regulations 
(updated November 2021) 

All games must be played in accordance with the FIFA Laws of the Game, except as specifically  modified by the Illinois Youth Soccer Association and as follows in the tournament rules.   


Team and Player Eligibility   

As an Illinois Youth Soccer Association (IYSA) sanctioned tournament, all teams are required to  register at least 60 minutes prior to their first game.  


Calendar year birth date bracketing will be used for all brackets. 

8U will play 4v4 with a roster up to 10 players 

9U-10U will play 7v7 with a roster up to 14 players   

11U-12U will play 9v9 with a roster up to 18 players  

13U-14U will play 11v11 with a roster up to 20 players (only 18 per game can dress)  15U-19U will play 11v11 with a roster up to 24 (only 18 per game can dress)  

All age group rosters can include a maximum of 4 guest players.  


Players may be registered on only one tournament team. No changes to the roster will be allowed  after registration is completed.  


Current State approved roster, Illinois tournament roster, travel permit (if outside Illinois), IYSA 
medical release forms for all players and current player cards must be presented at initial 
registration. Teams not registered through IYSA/USYSA must also submit Form NT and provide 
proof of a criminal background check, Heads up Concussion training and Safesport training.  Copies  of all forms will be collected by the Tournament Committee prior to registration. Player cards will  need to be presented at registration and at the beginning of each game.  


Game Procedures  







All parents and spectators are required to sit on the side of the field opposite the players and no 
spectators or coaches are allowed behind the goals.   

Player identification cards are to be present and available at check in of all games.  

Teams are allowed up to 3 coaches on the sidelines with their team. All coaches on the bench must  have a coach’s card. Coaches are not allowed to coach from the spectator side of the field.   



8U games will consist of two 20 minute halves. 

9U – 10U games will consist of two 25 minute halves.   11U – 14U will consist of two 30 minute halves.   
15U-19U will consist of two 35 minute halves. 


In the event an age bracket is combined, the game time will be decided by the older bracket. All 
times may be changed at the discretion of the Tournament Committee. Each half time should 
consist of a minimum 5 minute break. It is the discretion of the referee to increase the half time.  Water breaks are also the discretion of the referee. All games will be played with a running clock.  


The referee is the official timekeeper, and therefore all decisions of this nature made by the referee  are final.   


First team listed on the schedule is the home team and will defend the North or East goal.  
The visiting team will have choice of uniform color and will kick off. Both teams need to have  alternate set of jerseys. All players must have a number on the back of their jersey.   


Game balls:  Each team shall furnish a game ball. 8U will use a size 3 ball.  9U – 12U will use a size 4  ball. 13U – 19U will use a size 5 ball.  


Offside rule will be enforced 9U – 19U.   


9U-10U: All free kicks are indirect free kicks, no penalty kicks. If a foul occurs in the penalty area, 
you will bring the ball to the top of the arch and restart with an indirect free kick. The field will 
include a build out line.  Once the goalie has the ball, the opposing team must drop behind the line  and the goalie must pass, throw or roll the ball to a teammate (no punting).  Once the ball leaves 
the goalies hands, the opposing team may cross the build out line and resume play as normal.  
Offsides will be enforced at the build out line. 


At the conclusion of each game, the referee shall complete a score card, including match results,  cautions and ejections. Each coach is asked to sign the back of the game card at the end of the 
game to verify the ending score.  


All games will be officiated by a referee certified by IYSA/USSF.  


Player Substitutions   


Per FIFA rules 








Tournament Scoring/Tie Breaking   


Points in the preliminary rounds are as follows: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a  loss. 1 extra point will be given for a shut out win. (0-0 ties will earn 2 point each, a forfeit win is 
scored 3-0 and is worth 4 points)  


Highest points earned will determine qualifying teams from each pool or division. In the event of a  tie in deciding group positions, the following criteria will be used to break the tie:  

1. Head to Head competition  

2. Goal differential (Goals scored minus goals allowed, max 5 per game)  

3. Fewest goals allowed (max 5 per game)  

4. Fewest yellow/red cards combined  

5. Coin flip (in the event of a 3 way tie, the teams will be drawn randomly for the order of the coin  flip)  


Overtime Periods   


Games that are tied at the end of regulation time will end as a tie in the preliminary rounds.  


In the event of a tie in the semi-final or championship games, teams will play up to two sudden 
victory (Golden Goal) five minute overtime periods.  If still tied after overtime play, the following 
procedure will be followed: 

o   Goal Differential 
o   Coin Flip 


In the event of a tie in the semi-final or championship games, teams will play up to two sudden 
victory (Golden Goal) five minute overtime periods.  If still tied after overtime play, kicks from the 
penalty mark will be taken as follows:    

o   Each team will designate  five  (5)  players  to  kick   

o   Teams will alternate  kicks  -  the  first  team  to  kick  will  be  determined  by  the  

referee’s  coin  flip  

o   If the score remains  tied  after  five  (5)  kicks,  teams  will  alternate  kicks  one  at  a  

time  until  a  winner  is  decided  

o   All eligible players must kick  before  any  eligible player can repeat    

o   Goalies  may be changed  after  any  shot. 



1st and 2nd place awards will be given in U9-U19 age brackets.   


Participation awards will be given for 8U. 







Seven rostered players (3 players for 8U and 5 players for 9U-12U) must be present at the 
scheduled starting time or a forfeit will be declared. Teams must be at field at least 30 minutes 
before the listed game time for check-in. EACH TEAM IS REQUIRED TO VERIFY THE SCHEDULE FOR  THE NEXT MATCH AT THE MAIN TENT OR ONLINE AFTER EACH MATCH. A team that forfeits a game  will not be allowed to participate in a championship match.  




All players must wear shin guards and an official uniform with a number on the back. Hard casts or  protective covering are allowed if completely padded. Due to safety concerns, the referee will have  the final decision on deciding if players with casts are allowed to play.  


No prescription eyeglasses can be worn. Sports goggles with straps only.  


NO jewelry or hard-billed baseball caps may be worn during any match. Earrings, watches, 
bracelets, necklaces, etc. must be REMOVED. Exception – medical alert jewelry may be worn if  taped to skin.  


The referee will ensure that the players’ equipment meets the requirements of the FIFA law 4.  


General Rules and Code of Conduct  


Artificial noise making devices are strictly prohibited.  


No animals are allowed. This is a city park, by City Ordinance, the owner will be asked to remove the  animal immediately from the park.  


No alcoholic beverages or smoking is permitted.  


All pop up tents must be secured to the ground. EMSSC is not responsible for damage done to  personal property by personal property.  


No verbal abuse of anyone is allowed - including, but not limited to, tournament officials, referees  and players.  


The use of drones (unmanned aircraft systems) are prohibited. 


Disciplinary Action   


All yellow and red cards issued during the tournament will be reported to the tournament  committee.  





Any player or coach receiving a red card will be banned from the current game and at the least, the  next scheduled game for that particular team. No substitutions will be permitted for an ejected 
player during that game.  


A team found to be using an ineligible player will forfeit the game and may be removed from the  tournament without a refund.  


Anyone fighting or verbally abusing anyone can be subjected to ejection from further tournament  participation. Passes will be retained by the tournament director and returned to the coach of the  team after the player has sat out their suspension.   


Coaches will be held responsible for the behavior of their players, parents and supporters. In 
accordance with USYSA regulations, the issuance of all yellow and red cards and other matters 
involving the conduct of a team, its players, coaches and supporters will be recorded by our 
organization and this information will be reported to the IYSA (or USYSA state organization for 
teams from outside of Illinois) and the home club/league of the player, coach, team or supporters  involved. All matters involving a referee assault, in accordance with USSF rule 3042 will be referred  immediately to the Illinois Youth Soccer Association and law enforcement will be notified. 


The home state association and home club/league of the player coach team or supporters (except  in case of referee assault) will have the responsibility for imposing, should the circumstances 
warrant, additional sanctions, within their respective jurisdictions, with regards to any matter 
arising from the tournament.  


The tournament director reserves the right to eject anyone (including players, coaches and 
supporters) from further tournament participation and/or from the tournament grounds if they fail  to abide by the tournament’s code of conduct.  




No protests will be allowed. 


Tournament Committee Rights / Weather/ Refund Policy   


Once a team has been accepted into the tournament, there will be no refunds made unless the 
entire tournament is cancelled, in which case, refunds will be disbursed on a prorated basis. If the  tournament is cancelled due to an act of nature, the tournament will retain 20% of the team entry  fee to cover non-refundable expenditures for the tournament.  


Refunds for partial tournament completion will be prorated based on number of games played. 


The tournament committee has the right and authority to group age divisions based on team  availability, relocate, reschedule, cancel or shorten any game.  


In case of inclement weather, the tournament director and head referee will determine if weather  conditions are suitable for play to continue. They are the only ones who can determine game 





suspensions, terminations, restarts or cancellations. Safety of all attendees is the primary  consideration.  


Shortened games, relocated games and rescheduled games are considered played games and will  not constitute a refund. Forfeited games will also not receive a refund.  


Pursuant to IYSA requirements, incident and medical attention reports will be filled out as  necessary. Please cooperate with tournament staff in providing any needed information.  


COVID 19 Policies 

Please refer to state or local health department for guidelines.  Updates will be provided as  available for changes to policies and procedures 

Interpretation of the tournament rules by the tournament committee is final. 

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